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Statement of Purpose



The purpose of First Steps Day Nursery is to provide high quality day care for children from Birth to 8 years of age in a caring, happy and secure environment from within which children can receive the stimulation necessary to enhance their social, physical, language, intellectual, creative and emotional development.


This Nursery aims to be flexible in providing sessions to suit the majority of parents/carers if prior notice has been given.

Our Nursery is accessible to children from all sectors of the local community.  In order this the nursery will:

Ensure the existence of the Nursery is widely known in all local communities.


Notices advertising the Nursery will be displayed in places where all sections of the community can see them.


Describe the Nursery and its practices in terms which make it clear to parents, other relations and other carers, and people from all cultural ethnic religious and social groups with and without disabilities are welcome.


Arrange informal visits to the Nursery for the parents/carers and children, prior to the offer of place.  This will give parents/carers the opportunity to discuss the admission of their children with the supervisor or proprietor.


Monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the Nursery, to ensure no accidental discrimination is taking place.


Make our equal opportunities policy widely known.


Consult with parent/carers about the opening times of the Nursery to avoid excluding anyone.


We will try to be flexible about attendance patterns, to accommodate the needs of individual children and families.


We aim to cater for the individual needs, abilities and preferences of each child as far as practicable, and provide care for children from all social and cultural backgrounds, including children with special needs.


We can cater for a maximum of 55 children per day, which includes 9 babies who are cared for in a quieter, homely environment in the annexe building.


Each unit provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, play equipment and toys, which are carefully selected for each age group.    Children will receive a good broad foundation in basic skills and experiences upon which to build when they reach primary education.


Our carefully selected and qualified Staff members who care for Babies and Toddlers aim to work with The Birth to Three matters framework.  Although Birth to three matters is not a curriculum in itself, it provides guidance for those who care for babies to the age of 3 years however the emphasis is upon close links with parents and monitoring each child’s individual progress and wellbeing, and providing a wide spectrum of age appropriate learning to ensure that each child learns to their full potential.  The Birth to Three matters framework provides a good basis for the Foundation Phase.

We also aim to meet the requirements Of the Foundation Phase and work closely with the Early Years Entitlement team for children in our Pre school unit, ensuring that our children learn through play via our own play activities and their experiences.  Again we have carefully selected - qualified staff to provide the best possible consistent care.


Each unit is staffed with highly trained qualified teams, who strictly adhere to the correct staff-child ratios.  Each unit consists of a majority of level 3 qualified staff, teamed with those who are working towards level 3 or level 4 qualifications.  A copy of our staff Allocation is included.


Every child is allocated to a key worker (a consistent adult) who is particularly responsible for each child in their care, with regards to welfare and progress.  Each child’s individual learning is monitored predominantly by their key worker to ensure progression is made through learning, and development is recorded in stages.  Parents receive a copy of their child’s progress reports, and sign and return the slip of acknowledgement.  Parents also have the opportunity to provide written feedback or to discuss areas of their child’s learning in further detail whenever required.

These reports also provide a basis for the next stages of planning for the individual child.

Activities differ greatly and are dependant upon the set topics and themes covered each month, a typical day in each unit follows a set routine to provide stability and structure.  English is the main language used, but children have the opportunity to learn welsh on a daily basis, where basic mediums are integrated into circle time and within activities, and with the help “Ticw” (our little Welsh bear) who is cared for by all children in turn, and who shares their adventures.


A guided Tour… Ground Floor


Our nursery offers two spacious play rooms.  The larger of the two is carefully designed for learning through play, creative/messy play and a dining area and benefits from direct access to a partly sheltered decked area outdoors.  The smaller of the two doubles as a further play room and Nursery sleep room.  All children who require sleep will use this quiet room.  We have a double baby changing facility and also small toilets nearby to encourage early toilet training.  All children who attend first steps benefit from daily access to a large secure garden area, as well as a conveniently located decking area where sheltered outdoor activities can be explored.  The decking area leads to the patio and lawn area, where gardening and construction activities can be found.  The Main office can also be found on the ground floor, opposite the kitchen; where all our nutritiously balanced meals are freshly prepared daily.



The first floor


For safety purposes, the pre-school/school unit predominantly occupy the first floor however the younger children (Toddlers) do share the facilities in smaller numbers.  We have a library, Home Room, and Messy Play room waiting to be explored by all!!

The pre-school/after school children also benefit from the use of two spacious rooms, which cater for all activities and learning through play. The designated craft area is also used for dining purposes.  The Secure garden, decking and patio areas are accessible to all age groups, and each unit will share and take turns to explore and learn.

The after school/holiday club is also located on the first floor, again with age appropriate facilities available to them.


We also have adequate changing and toilet facilities to accommodate the first floor occupants.

Overall, we aim to provide a comprehensive range of educational learning opportunities to all who attend this setting, and encourage the development and progression of all skills, including personal and social skills.


Upon the registration of each child, all parents are required to complete all registration documents in full, including personal details, contact information and allergies etc.

Any change in the identity of the person collecting any child must be notified in advance perhaps a photograph or personal introduction would be most suitable.  A code word will be required if there is short notice for collection.

No one under the age of sixteen is permitted to collect any child.



Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm by request, and our contact telephone number during opening times is 01244 547990.

Any Complaints or concerns should be brought to the managers attention and dealt with as early as possible, however if you are still not satisfied that a matter has been dealt with, please contact the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW)at: Government Buildings, Sarn Mynach,  Llandudno Junction.  LL31 9RQ  03000625609


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